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UK Start-up and Entrepreneurship


We work with United Kingdom community of entreprenurs and investors. Over last 4 years of our

work in United Kingdom we have come to appreciate the true potential of UK Entrepreneurship.  


Through our unique algorithm we have been able to create an approach which connects relevant

opportunities to relevant to relevant individuals or organizations who would be interested in

investing or partnering with the chosen opportunities.


We helping companies to find external investors, set up office in London and find partners in the UK.


- Sourcing Private and Institutional Investment for UK investor base

- Bringing new product concept to market


University work & Innovation


- Protection of UniversityIP/ Commercialization of star-up companies

- Help Universities with Technology Transfer process : finding entrepreneurs

 VC and Angel investors  


Collaboration/Joint Venture


- Import & Export of Innovative Office Products  

- Find potential company collaboration and the venture process  

- Using the internal Human Capital of Sales and Innovation Managers to

 aid New Business Development into the pipeline  







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